Robot Dice Explosion
RDE011: Ssstarter Setsss and Shisssai

RDE011: Ssstarter Setsss and Shisssai

August 19, 2019

We take a look at the Ito starter set for Bushido and then delve deeper into the faction with a focus on the Shisai Type.

2:45 Ito Starter Set

48:15 Shisai & Friends

RDE010: Twisted Brothers

RDE010: Twisted Brothers

July 22, 2019

In this shorter-than-usual episode we talk about our first impressions of Twisted - a steampunk skirmish game, before taking a look at the two limited edition miniatures for Bushido's new edition: Risen Sun, which are available until the 4th of August.

01:26 Twisted - a steampunk skirmish game
16:58 Bushido: Risen Sun Limited Edition miniatures

RDE009: A Grand Day Out

RDE009: A Grand Day Out

June 15, 2019

We talk about our experience of the UK Games Expo 2019, the Solent Wargamers lot discuss their performances at the Bushido Grand Masters, and Ben interviews GCT's Jason and Andy about the new edition of Bushido: Risen Sun.

07:30 Wingspan
10:55 LotR: Journeys in Middle Earth
15:09 Okko Chronicles
16:30 TMNT
26:00 Lion Tower Miniatures & Wrathborn
28:53 Not cool
36:20 Bushido Grand Masters 2019 Post-Mortem
94:38 GCT interview with Jason and Andy.

RDE008: Risen Son

RDE008: Risen Son

February 3, 2019

We're joined by Ben's 6-month-old son to discuss the latest playtest version of Bushido's 3rd edition - Risen Sun.

RDE007: Deathfinitive Discussion

RDE007: Deathfinitive Discussion

December 3, 2018

Recorded weeks ago, this episode features a quick catch-up on recently-played games followed by a discussion around "dead" games and whether them being "dead" is actually a bad thing.

RDE006: Immeasurable Arguments

RDE006: Immeasurable Arguments

September 30, 2018

We catch up on what we've been doing since last time - mostly video games, house moves, and babygeddon - before moving, in a not-so-timely fashion, into a meandering discussion on pre-measuring in miniature games. As you can expect, we address all possible arguments and come to a conclusion which can't possibly fail to please all gamers out there.

2:40 Video Games: The Banner Saga series
11:25 Video Games: Ori & the Blind Forest
11:35 Video Games: Hollow Knight
14:40 'Actual Games': Adeptus Titanicus
15:54 'Actual Games': Rise of the Moloch
22:52 Video Games: Dead by Daylight
23:32 Video Games: Fortnite
24:31 Kickstarter: Horizon: Zero Dawn
31:51 Kickstarter: Red Box Games
33:24 Main Topic: Pre-measuring in Miniature Games

RDE005: Victory Conditions

RDE005: Victory Conditions

July 28, 2018

We talk about what we've been playing recently, and then discuss the various conditions through which games can be won.

01:48 Roll Player
02:22 Battletech
17:30 Arena Rex
24:38 Video Games: Shadow of the Collossus
26:42 Video Games: The Last of Us Remastered
27:20 Drilling holes in walls
28:00 Video Games: Life is Strange
29:48 Video Games: Rocket League
32:38 Video Games: Battle for Polytopia & Civ games
35:40 Video Games: MtG Puzzle Quest
39:58 Main Topic: Victory conditions in games

RDE004: Expo Errata
RDE003: Mastering Bushido

RDE003: Mastering Bushido

June 17, 2018

A few of us from Solent Wargamers attended the annual Bushido Masters tournament at the UK Games Expo.
In this episode, we explain the thinking behind our lists and recount our experiences.

"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy."

00:22 Our Bushido lists and plans
38:18 Debrief

Our rankings:
7. James
8. Adam
11. Graham
12. Ben


RDE002: Terraforming the Cotswolds

RDE002: Terraforming the Cotswolds

June 1, 2018

We went on holiday to the Cotswolds and played a bunch of games. Then, we came home and played a bunch more. Probably a good idea to have a catch-up, then.

Timestamps to follow!