Robot Dice Explosion
RDE006: Immeasurable Arguments

RDE006: Immeasurable Arguments

September 30, 2018

We catch up on what we've been doing since last time - mostly video games, house moves, and babygeddon - before moving, in a not-so-timely fashion, into a meandering discussion on pre-measuring in miniature games. As you can expect, we address all possible arguments and come to a conclusion which can't possibly fail to please all gamers out there.

2:40 Video Games: The Banner Saga series
11:25 Video Games: Ori & the Blind Forest
11:35 Video Games: Hollow Knight
14:40 'Actual Games': Adeptus Titanicus
15:54 'Actual Games': Rise of the Moloch
22:52 Video Games: Dead by Daylight
23:32 Video Games: Fortnite
24:31 Kickstarter: Horizon: Zero Dawn
31:51 Kickstarter: Red Box Games
33:24 Main Topic: Pre-measuring in Miniature Games