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RDE016: Life, the Universe, and Meta Things

RDE016: Life, the Universe, and Meta Things

February 21, 2020

We invite that guy who bought The Banner Saga 2 without having played The Banner Saga 1 onto the podcast to talk about game meta but quickly digress, which will come as a shock to everyone, we're sure.

RDE015: 2019 In Review

RDE015: 2019 In Review

February 1, 2020

We talk about the books, TV shows, board games, miniature games and computer games we enjoyed in 2019.

0:02:40 His Dark Materials trilogy of books
0:06:58 The Long Earth series of books
0:09:40 Seveneves
0:18:40 Adeptus Titanicus
0:28:15 Wrath of Kings
0:33:55 Arena Rex
0:36:22 Terraforming Mars
0:42:03 Twelve Days (of Christmas)
0:44:52 Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle Earth
0:47:40 Bushido: Risen Sun
1:02:58 Rocket League
1:05:50 Disco Elysium
1:09:02 Borderlands 3
1:12:25 Subnautica
1:15:40 Hollow Knight
1:16:45 Ashen
1:17:38 Path of Exile
1:19:51 Looking to 2020

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